Award winning autonomous drone research.

Our research organization is pushing the limits of drone technology through the development of autonomous drone applications.

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Innovative ideas by innovative students.

An image of SQUAB-2, a prototype delivery drone used for testing.

Creative solutions.

Our team is solving modern problems with novel and unique drone technology. Dynamic and innovative, we are developing one-of-a-kind solutions to a variety of problems to make the world a better place.

An image of a laptop opened to display a design of a drone landing platform.

Intelligent production.

We strive for excellence, and are passionate about bringing the best out of every project. Every one of our projects go through immense research, and we use modern technology to bring our ideas to life.

An image of two students working together.

Empowering students.

Our undergraduate team comes from a variety of fields, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. We strive for excellence, and have grown to become a great opprotunity for students to jump start their careers.

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We are always actively looking for companies to work with and motivated undergraduates to join our team!

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